Safety First!!

You must know and observe the proper safety procedures when dealing with high voltages, flammable gas, moving parts and sharp objects, etc.
West View Heating and Cooling cannot be responsible for injuries suffered from individuals who have not attained proper training and followed all safety procedures!

This is very important and will keep you safe.
Your multi-meter will be one of your most crucial tools….USE IT!  Verify power is off!!!

If you are not qualified or comfortable in performing these tasks……..dont!!

Electrical Power Troubleshooting

Panel Troubleshooting

Find the electrical fuses/breakers for furnace & air conditioner on your home’s main indoor electrical panel and make sure that they are not blown or tripped. Some breakers appear “On” when they are not fully engaged. Flip the HVAC breaker off and on again to confirm it has set properly.
Aside from your Main Breaker Panel Indoors there will be separate breakers/switches for your Indoor and Outdoor Units at each location.
If the fuses are blown, it is very important to replace with the same size fuse!
If the breaker keeps tripping or the new fuses keep blowing after replacement/reset contact us immediately!!!
Most furnaces will have an emergency “shut-off” switch. Make sure the switch is “ON”. The switch is usually located on the side of the furnace and looks like regular light switch. Sometimes this switch was turned-off by accident.
Sometimes after filter cleaning an improperly reinstalled service panel will cause an emergency cut-off switch to keep your unit off. Make sure if your door was removed that it has been reinstalled properly.

Thermostat Troubleshooting

If your thermostat has a switch to control the fan, turn the switch to “ON”. You should hear the fan running and the air should be coming up in the supply registers.
If fan is not working there could be no power to the furnace. Check breakers. (Some breakers appear “On” when they are not fully engaged. Flip the HVAC breaker off and on again to confirm it has set right).
If fan runs you can set back to Auto if you prefer.
Next make sure that the on/off switch is set at the correct position “HEAT/COOL”.
Verify that the thermostat is set at proper temperature higher/lower than room temperature to initiate run cycle.
If thermostat is digital it will have batteries, are the batteries charged?
Check for correct day and time settings on a programmable thermostat. Verify the system is not in an off program mode..
If you have a Heat Pump and have followed the steps above the outside unit should be running
(Note there could be up to a 5 minute delay for outdoor unit to begin running).